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IPWatchdog’s YouTube Premiere: A Conversation with Matteo Sabattini

Gene Quinn (IPWatchdog) and Matteo Sabattini (Convida) sat down for a chat on Monday, March 11, 2024. This wide-ranging conversation covered what Matteo is up to currently with Convida, cloud computing, artificial intelligence models, standard essential patents, and much more.

Webinar: The Unified Patent Court – A conversation with Judge Michael Fleuchaus

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is now a reality, having come into existence on June 1, 2023. The impact the UPC will have on patent litigation in Europe and around the world is hard to overstate. With judges willing to issue injunctive relief and remedies available on a pan-European level, it is already becoming a one-stop-shop for patent owners. On…

Webinar: PCT Update & Best Practices

The Patent Cooperation Treaty is the best tool currently available to seek international patent protection in multiple jurisdictions. Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the PCT system, direct from PCT experts at WIPO. Choosing the PCT route is one thing, but it is equally important to utilize the PCT in the best way possible to your and your clients’…

Send Us Photos of Your Favorite Watchdogs!

If you’re a regular IPWatchdog reader, you will know that each week we run a roundup of all the IP news we covered and/or couldn’t get to from the previous week, titled “Other Barks and Bites.” The roundup is published every Friday afternoon and compiled by our long time freelance reporter, Steve Brachmann. These pieces are usually illustrated by stock photos of dogs reading the news, but we have recently begun featuring some of the IPWatchdog team’s favorite pups: Dusty and Luna Bella Quinn; Moby Kryca; and Colby McDermott-Doppman. And now it’s time to expand the pack with YOUR favorite IPWatchdogs!

IPW Webinar: We Did It Our Way: Women IP Trailblazers Share Their Incredible Journeys

What does a “typical” career in IP entail, and how are women faring as IP professionals? These are a few of the important questions that will be addressed by our panel of successful women who have made a mark in the IP field by taking risks and pursuing career paths that are bold and visionary.  With Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion…

How to Get Your Article Published: Tips on Pitching and Publishing in the IP Press

As Editor-in-Chief and Founder and CEO at IPWatchdog, we get dozens of pitches for articles per week from authors and PR firms around the world. And as one of the only remaining IP publications that keeps its content entirely free, and approximately 300,000 unique readers per month, we get a lot of interest from stakeholders across the board—from service providers to law students, from esteemed judges to members of congress, and from independent inventors to seasoned patent practitioners. But often, these pitches or submissions miss the mark. Below are some tips for pitching and writing on IPWatchdog (or anywhere).

The State of IPWatchdog

Last year was a big one for IPWatchdog! In 2019 we celebrated 20 years continuously on the Internet on October 9, with a big celebration at The Park in Washington, DC. We also hired Eileen McDermott to be our Editor-in-Chief. Eileen joined us at the beginning of 2019 and has managed to improve everything about our publication. With Eileen firmly…

Other Barks & Bites for Friday, December 20: Inventor Rights Act Introduced, House Passes the USMCA, and Copyright Office Appoints Acting Register

This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Inventor Rights Act is introduced into the House of Representatives; House overwhelmingly passes USMCA; major tech companies lobby the European Commission to address holdups in patent licensing; Cox Communications is hit with a billion-dollar verdict in a major copyright case; the USPTO issues a second extension to the effective date of its mandatory electronic trademark filing rule; the Copyright Office appoints Maria Strong as Acting Register of Copyrights; the EU’s highest court rules that e-book resales aren’t protected by copyright exhaustion principles; Senator Tillis announces series of DMCA modernization hearings through 2020; and Bristol-Myers Squibb wins $752 million in cancer treatment patent case against Gilead Sciences.

A Thank You from IPWatchdog As We Celebrate 20 Years

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, celebrated 20 years of continuously being on the Internet. In typical IPWatchdog style, we had a great celebration at The Park at 14th, in Washington D.C.  We are so grateful to have had so many of our colleagues and friends from all over the United States join us as we celebrated this special occasion. We want to also take this opportunity to say thank you to all our readers, authors, advertisers, sponsors, friends and colleagues. We truly appreciate all of the support we have had over the years; we know that we could not do what we do without all of you.

Happy 20 Years, IPWatchdog! Celebrating Two Decades of Unmatched IP Insight

Today marks 20 years since the date of’s launch. Happy Birthday to Us! As IPWatchdog Founder and CEO Gene Quinn recalled at the 10-year mark, in 1999 he was living in Orlando, Florida, and planning to embark on a career as a full-time law professor. But things didn’t quite turn out that way. Quinn first purchased the IPWatchdog URL in 1998 with the intention of providing a service to evaluate stocks based on IP portfolios. But when his partners in that plan slowly began leaving the dream behind for law firm jobs, Quinn decided to create a platform of his own, mainly summarizing “literally every IP case in America” in one paragraph each week. “The target audience was potential clients and IP attorneys,” Quinn recently told Eli Mazour for the Clause 8 podcast. “I had more of a belief than a plan that what I was doing was going to be worthwhile,” Quinn said. “Even if I didn’t figure out how to turn it into a business, I knew it would be beneficial because more people would know who I was.” Tonight, IPWatchdog will celebrate its 20th anniversary in style with the many close friends, colleagues and readers Gene and Renée have met over the years. Below, we share some of their thoughts on what IPWatchdog, and Gene and Renée, have meant to them and to the IP community over these past two decades.

Gene Quinn Named Top IP Strategist by IAM For Third Consecutive Year

Gene Quinn, IPWatchdog Founder and CEO, has been named to the IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists for the third consecutive year. The IAM Strategy 300 “identifies the individuals who are leading the way in the development and implementation of strategies that maximize the value of IP portfolios.” The list is compiled via an extensive research process including online nominations, telephone, email and in-person interviews. To make the list, individuals must be nominated by at least three peers from outside of their own organization, followed by rigorous analysis of the individual’s contributions by a team of researchers. This year, IAM began its research process from scratch, so that even those strategists who were listed in 2018 had to meet the same selection criteria as those listed for the first time.

This Valentine’s Day: Hear the IPWatchdog Love Story

Many readers will know that IPWatchdog, Inc. is run by partners in marriage and business, Founder and CEO Gene Quinn and Chief Operating Officer Renée Quinn. But fewer may know the story behind the couple, or how and why Renée chose to make the obscure world of intellectual property—a term she had not heard prior to meeting Gene—her own.

Un-doom Your 2019 Resolutions with IPWatchdog

For many, IPWatchdog is one of the “blogs” we read to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry. Over the last year IPWatchdog has become much more, offering content well beyond articles… All of these programs are delivered in a model that provides the best uptake for the information being delivered. All who attend will easily and rapidly pay back the cost through greater capacity and productivety within your organization, whatever it may be. More and better value will be extracted from your efforts. Best of all, you already have this in your budget(s) under training. Get going; make the decision to make 2019 a better year on the patent front – now!

Eileen McDermott Named Editor-in-Chief at

IPWatchdog is pleased to announce that Eileen McDermott, a veteran IP and legal journalist, will become the new Editor-in-Chief at beginning in January 2019… “I am very excited to bring Eileen on board and expand our team,” said Gene Quinn, President & CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc, and the founder of “Having Eileen focusing on the day-to-day publication of articles will free me up to do more writing myself, and to also focus on expanding our course offerings and to do more free webinars, which have been a big success for us and our sponsors. It also means another pair of eyes on our content, which will only ratchet up the quality of”

Happy Birthday to Us! IPWatchdog turns 19!

It is almost difficult to believe that 19 years ago today first launched… There will no doubt be changes in the future. In fact, we anticipate big new things for IPWatchdog in 2019, which is when we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. With whatever changes happen, whether substantive or to the look and feel, will continue to grow and evolve with the industry and the times. We are just getting started! 

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