Women’s IP Forum IPW Studios, Ashburn, VA
August 26-27, 2024

Please join us at IPWatchdog Studios in Ashburn VA, on August 26-27, 2024, for our for our First Annual Women’s IP Forum.  Our Intellectual Property “Masters series” of programs is so-called because of the level of experience of the speaker. We have wanted to come up with a way to give younger attorneys who are rising stars the opportunity to speak but also continue to keep our “Masters series” what it was always intended to be, which is an opportunity to hear from those within the industry who have many years of experience and are both able and willing to have a contemporaneous, unscripted conversation about a particular topic.

We have also always attempted to invite speakers from diverse backgrounds, including making every effort to have as much gender parity as possible. Unfortunately, in certain fields within the IP sphere that is not always easy. For example, only approximately 10% of patent litigators are women.

With all of this in mind, we are planning an IP program where 100% of the speakers are women, and many of the speakers will be women who are senior associates or junior partners. Realizing that opportunity is essential to achieving success, we hope that by including these younger, rising stars we will give them an opportunity on stage in front of an audience, which they they may not otherwise have for some time.

Our plan is to invite women IP attorneys with more experience to participate on the panels with these rising stars. These experienced women will moderate the panels and work with the younger panelists to help them prepare. Our hope is the more experienced women participating will mentor the younger rising stars.


*$295 Super Early Bird Tickets Available through June 16, 2024


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