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A Live & In-Person IPWatchdog Masters™ Program

Artificial Intelligence Masters™ 2023

Software is now and will almost certainly remain patentable in the United States, but obtaining rights is not easy and keeping rights once challenged in court or at the Patent Office is even more difficult. Of course, there is always copyright protection, but that comes with significant fair use limitations, and the data itself collected and manipulated by software can be significant trade secret assets.

Software can provide creative solutions for nearly any context or situation imagined, but this ubiquity of design and importance of purpose is coupled with technological functionality often more akin to black magic than anything innovative. Still, people manage to convince themselves the solutions are simple even if they cannot understand it themselves.

Join us March 7-8, 2023, for Artificial Intelligence Masters™ 2023 – a part of the IPWatchdog Masters™ series. This high-level, interactive, limited enrollment program will be held in person at IPWatchdog Headquarters, in Ashburn, Virginia, just minutes from Dulles International Airport. Discussions will be led by top thought leaders in the industry and will cover specific technical areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain and fintech, how to protect these innovations, how to license these innovations and the numerous other legal issues presented by their use and implementation, including the protection of data and software itself as a trade secret.

We invite you to send multiple people to the program and do offer group discounts for multiple tickets purchased at the same time!


 IPWatchdog Headquarters – 20098 Ashbrook Pl., Suite 100, Ashburn VA 20147


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