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Webinar: Benchmarking the Value of IP – How In-house and Outside Counsel Measure Efficacy and Impact

In the age of AI, the speed of innovation is faster than ever. In-house IP teams and outside counsel can and must play ever more important roles in protecting intangible assets.

To explore the state of the industry, in January of 2024, UnitedLex commissioned a third party to survey 200 senior IP professionals to benchmark how both in-house and private practice IP professionals measure the efficacy of their IP processes and the impact of the IP assets they secure and enforce.

Join us on Thursday, May 2, 2024, at 12 PM ET, for a panel discussion that explores the positive picture and optimism captured by both in-house and outside legal teams, the challenges they currently face, and the biggest impediments to greater success. The panel will specifically discuss:

  • The five biggest issues impacting profitability of IP prosecution work.
  • Top metrics in-house teams use to measure outside counsel performance.
  • Why regulatory change relating to Critical and Emerging Technologies (CETs) is the biggest challenge for in-house teams to maximize ROI of IP portfolios.
  • Ways IP practitioners stay ahead of the curve and address increased volumes, resource constraints, prosecution bottlenecks, and pressure to prove value.
  • How IP teams can demonstrate operational rigor and fiscal accountability while still delivering top quality.

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