September 29, 2024-October 1, 2024
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Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

Fourth Annual IPWatchdog LIVE 2024

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Exhibitor Space Available – 6′ Deep x 10′ Wide Exhibitor Space – $6,000

At IPWatchdog LIVE, exhibitor booths will be in a PRIME location in the most heavily traveled area of the conference!  Exhibitors will be located directly in front of the main Ballroom, where our general sessions, breakfasts, and lunches will be held. In addition, throughout the conference, we will have multiple networking breaks that will all take place amongst the exhibitor booths.  $6,000 REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES: one (1) complimentary General Admission ticket with exhibitor registration badge, one (1) 6’ table, and two (2) chairs.  Your exhibitor registration gives you full access to all meals, networking receptions, and sessions should you choose to attend any.  Exhibitor Space is 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep and is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Wi-Fi and power are available at an additional cost.  Exhibitors may also purchase up to three (3) additional General Admission tickets at $600 off the regular price.

LIVE 2024 Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Coffee Sponsor – $7,500 plus the cost of 2500 coffee cups. 

We will be providing coffee all day throughout the program.  The Coffee Break Sponsor will have their logo featured on 12-ounce disposable coffee cups for our attendees to use throughout the entire event.  Sponsorship amount does not include the cost of coffee cups, which can either be provided by sponsor, or we can place the order for the sponsor in either full color or 1 color.

Networking Break Sponsor – $7,500

We will have scheduled networking breaks throughout the entire program. These breaks includes snacks and goodies for all attendees.  Network Break Sponsors logos will be prominently displayed during the break they sponsor.

Breakout Session Sponsor – $10,000

This is an opportunity for service providers to host their own breakout sessions where they do a substantive presentation related to the use of their solution to address or solve a problem faced by practitioners.  If the breakout session is titled properly, so people know what they are attending and pitched as solving a pain point, then we know people will attend, and sales will be made.

Lounge Sponsor (Max 2) – $20,000 plus the cost of snacks and drinks for the room. 

The Lounge Sponsor is an exclusive sponsorship for those who want to make deals happen.  Lounge Sponsors are given 1 of 3 private rooms with comfortable chairs, a television for product demonstrations, and a table for snacks and drinks to share throughout the day.  A highboy table will be placed just outside of the room (for brochures or signs to entice people to come in) and sponsors are encouraged to bring a large welcome sign or flag inviting them to come into the “Organization Name” Lounge.  Lounge sponsors will be promoted in the program app, as a great place to come in for a snack and to kick your feet up.  We will also welcome attendees to visit your lounge throughout the program as well.

*Each Lounge sponsorship comes with five (5) General Admission tickets to the event. 

Pricing is subject to change without warning!

LIVE 2024 sponsorships are not eligible for discounts.  If your budget doesn’t fall within one of the above levels we are happy to work with you on a custom campaign.

Special Thanks to Our Major Sponsors