PatSnap is the global leader in connected innovation intelligence made up of more than 800 PatSnappers across three continents, helping 8,000+ customers in 40+ different countries make better innovation decisions every single day. We do that by combining millions of R&D and IP datasets so our customers can connect the dots, increase productivity, and innovate more effectively. Data of all kinds and varieties are needed to research a new idea and develop a coherent, commercially successful, innovation and IP strategy. Data found in patents, combined with many rich sources of alternative data – science research, tech blogs, investment data, market reports, grants and funding – are all vital. Connected innovation intelligence brings together all these sources. It uses AI to separate the signal from the noise, and it draws connections from one data set to the next. Patsnap brings together over 250 million innovation and IP data points so that businesses can confidently validate their decisions before making them.