October 25-26, 2022
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A Live & In-Person IPWatchdog Masters™ Program

Life Sciences Masters™ 2022

We are staring at a future where groundbreaking and breathtaking life science innovations cannot be predictably and reliably protected. Because decisions of both the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit have not kept up with technology, life sciences innovations have been under constant attack at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in litigation, and in the court of popular opinion. Not surprisingly, this uncertainty leads to disincentives to pursue some research and technologies.

Life science innovators must adapt to an evolving legal landscape and explore creative approaches to protect their important inventions for a duration that justifies the often billions of dollars of investment required.

Join us in our brand new IPWatchdog Headquarters in Ashburn, VA, for Life Sciences 2022, a part of the IPWatchdog Masters™ series, which will explore the law, politics, and business of life sciences. In this two-day program, we will focus on the intersection of intellectual property law and the biopharmaceutical industry.

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IPWatchdog Headquarters

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