Barash Law is an intellectual property and business law firm founded by Eyal H. Barash. Barash Law represents mostly life science companies with small-molecule portfolios in various stages of development including in-licenses, out-licenses, public offerings, private sales and public exits.  In 2018, one of Eyal’s clients, Endocyte, Inc. was sold to Novartis for over $2B.  Eyal was chief patent counsel to Endocyte for almost 10 years.  In particular, a focus area of Eyal’s practice is in solid form intellectual property – protecting salts, cocrystals, amorphous forms, and the like as molecules move from medicinal chemistry to CMC and beyond.  Eyal is also a prolific speaker and lecturer, giving presentations primarily on solid form IP issues throughout the globe which includes drug repositioning and repurposing.