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Launched in October of 1999, IPWatchdog.com has been a trusted resource on intellectual property for tens of millions of unique visitors for over 2 decades. Recognized as one of the leading sources for news, information, analysis and commentary in the patent and innovation industries, we also offer growing coverage of matters relating to trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks. Over the years, IPWatchdog.com has grown into the largest online intellectual property publication in the world.

After being recognized as one of the top 100 legal blogs by the American Bar Association for 5 years in a row (ranking #1 in 2010, 2012 and 2013), in January 2014 we were inducted into the ABA Blawg Hall of Fame and retired from annual consideration. Since that time, IPWatchdog.com has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2021 IPWatchdog brought in 2,983,693 users, which accounted for 3,400,797 sessions and 6,398,863 pageviews, making IPWatchdog.com the largest online intellectual property publication in the world.

IPWatchdog has been offering a sponsored Weekly Webinar Series, that are free for attendees. Our webinar audience is quite large compared to most other industry webinars, typically attracting between 350 to 700 registrants per webinar, depending on the topic. We also post all of our past webinars on a gated Past Webinar Page for those who would like to watch a past webinar they have missed.

Beginning in 2018 we launched the IPWatchdog Institute, offering courses, seminars, and training for intellectual property professionals at all levels of their careers. The two flagship offerings of the IPWatchdog Institute are the Patent Masters™ symposium and Patent Practice Training.

The Patent Masters™ programs are a high-level, interactive, limited enrollment, off-the-record seminar for attorneys and executives interested in an in-depth exploration of topical legal issues facing those that prosecute, litigate, license and monetize patents. Discussions are led by top thought leaders in the industry. Patent Practice Training is a course that offers those who have recently passed the patent bar a bridge between obtaining a license and effectively representing clients and prosecuting patent applications.

The IPWatchdog.com Team - Patent Attorney Gene Quinn and Marketing Specialist Renee Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. IPWatchdog, Gene and Renee Quinn. Photo taken by Steve Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera, at the 43rd Annual Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The founder, President and CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc., Gene Quinn, is a patent attorney and leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy. Gene’s writings typically focus on pending legislation, rule making at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and general commentary about the state of the industry. Gene was named one of the top 50 most influential people in IP by Managing IP Magazine. In 2017 and 2018 Mr. Quinn was recognized by IAM Magazine as one of the top IP strategists in the world. Gene has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the LA Times, Popular Mechanics, CNN Money, USA Today, Forbes, the ABA Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Oklahoman, Patent World and various other newspapers and magazines worldwide. Gene also speaks regularly at conferences and events throughout the United States.

Renée C. Quinn is the Chief Operating Officer of IPWatchdog, Inc. Renee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Business Administration in eCommerce. She is primarily in charge of our day to day operations. In other words, she does just about everything necessary to keep the business running smoothly. She handles all public relations, marketing and advertising inquiries and is the main point of contact for all inquiries that come into IPWatchdog.  In addition, Renée is the producer for the IPWatchdog Weekly Webinar series, the IPWatchdog Institute Suite of courses and is responsible for planning the IPWatchdog Patent Masters Symposium events.

Eileen McDermott is the Editor-in-Chief of IPWatchdog.com. A veteran IP and legal journalist, Eileen started with IPWatchdog in January 2019.  Eileen is no stranger to the intellectual property world, having held editorial and managerial positions at several publications and industry organizations since she first entered the industry more than a decade ago.  Most recently she has acted as editorial consultant for the International Trademark Association (INTA), chiefly overseeing the editorial process for the Association’s twice-monthly newsletter, the INTA Bulletin.

Katarzyna (Kasia) Kryca joined IPWatchdog in November 2020 as our Office Manager and was promoted to VP of Operations at the end of 2022.  Kasia is an integral member of the IPWatchdog team, where she manages all aspects of IPWatchdog webinars and works directly with Gene and Renée in managing the events and programs side of IPWatchdog.  She was born and raised in Poland.  She studied at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, achieving her B.Sc. in management and marketing.  In her first job out of college, Kasia worked as a Managing Director’s Executive Assistant and a Senior Operations Manager for a trading company in Tychy, Poland.  Prior to joining the IPWatchdog team, Kasia spent 12 years as the administrative and financial manager of an international development consulting firm based in Reston, VA.  She has lived in Italy, Armenia, and Croatia, and moved permanently to the USA in 2006.  Kasia lives in Reston, VA, with her husband, son, and dog.