It’s more than what you do: it’s how you do it. Across sectors and borders, in board rooms and courtrooms, we measure our success by yours. And in our interactions, we commit to making your O’Melveny experience as satisfying as the outcomes we help you achieve. Our greatest accomplishment is ensuring that you never have to choose between premier lawyering and exceptional service. So, tell us. What do you want to achieve?

Whether we’re connecting clients to new business opportunities, collaborating on strategies to push through their obstacles, or trading ideas for maximizing value, our clients’ business objectives are what set our agenda.

Our commitment starts with great legal results, but doesn’t end there. It also means:

  • Getting to know our clients’ goals, businesses, and cultures as well as any member of their own team;
  • Stepping back and taking a global view of what makes for a successful outcome;
  • Being where our clients need us, when they need us;
  • Consistently delivering excellent results using the most efficient means possible;
  • Mobilizing strong, diverse teams that come up with creative ways to solve problems; and
  • Becoming our clients’ biggest supporter and greatest ally in everything they do.

It’s an approach that comes naturally to us, and always has. At our core, you’ll find a dedication to excellence, a drive to lead and innovate, and a deep sense of civic responsibility. These characteristics—established by our founders—have anchored us for more than 130 years, and remain every bit as important to who we are today.