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Dusty and Luna Bella Quinn as puppies with Renee Quinn

If you’re a regular IPWatchdog reader, you will know that each week we run a roundup of all the IP news we covered and/or couldn’t get to from the previous week, titled “Other Barks and Bites.” The roundup is published every Friday afternoon and compiled by our long time freelance reporter, Steve Brachmann.

These pieces are usually illustrated by stock photos of dogs reading the news, but we have recently begun featuring some of the IPWatchdog team’s favorite pups: Dusty and Luna Bella Quinn; Moby Kryca; and Colby McDermott-Doppman.

And now it’s time to expand the pack with YOUR favorite IPWatchdogs!

Please send high resolution photos of your top dogs to [email protected] for consideration as the next “Other Barks and Bites”-featured pup! We will run them on a first-come, first-served basis. Please include your pup’s name, a sentence or two about them, and your own name and affiliation.

We can’t wait to meet your Watchdogs!


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