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Renée C. Quinn

Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer

IPWatchdog, Inc.

Renee C. Quinn is the Chief Operating Officer of IPWatchdog, Inc.  Working with IPWatchdog since April of 2006, Renée is a key member of the executive management team, overseeing all of the day-to-day operational, procedural, financial, and administrative aspects of IPWatchdog, Inc.  She is the main point of contact for the company and manages all aspects of IPWatchdog program sales and sponsorships.  Renee is also responsible for managing all aspects of all IPWatchdog programs, including our Masters series of events and our annual meeting, IPWatchdog LIVE, as well as the IPWatchdog Institute suite of courses

Renée is a brand building expert who, along with Gene Quinn, has worked diligently to build the IPWatchdog brand to where it is today.  She has written on various business, marketing, brand building and social media topics for as well as Inventor’s Digest. She has also been a guest speaker at many events including the USPTO Women’s Symposium, several AIPF Annual Meetings, and multiple law schools across the country.

Renée acquired her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University in 1997 and has Master of Business Administration, with a focus on e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Recent Articles by Renée C. Quinn

Celebrating 40 Years with Judge Pauline Newman

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Judge Pauline Newman celebrated the 40th anniversary of the day she assumed office on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). Gene and I were initially invited to join several of her current and former clerks for a surprise lunch with the judge to celebrate. However, after several phone calls and text messages, the plan evolved and, in less than a week’s time, a surprise celebration was planned. Expecting to meet two people in her chambers for lunch, Judge Newman was instead met with a sea of applause when she walked into the room. She was overjoyed to see so many of her friends and colleagues together in one place and pleasantly surprised that we were there to celebrate her.

IPWatchdog LIVE 2023 Recap: Video of Judge Newman’s Powerful Remarks and What Sets the LIVE Meeting Apart

We just concluded our Third Annual Meeting – IPWatchdog LIVE 2023, which I can proudly say was a great success. People often ask me what makes IPWatchdog LIVE different from other programs within the industry. The IPWatchdog LIVE 2023 line-up of speakers, as well as its attendees, is a who’s who of people within the industry. Here are just a few of the major highlights from the program.

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IPWatchdog LIVE 2025

March 2, 2025 - March 4, 2025

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