The Only Global IP Company Based in Asia, Transpacific IP is proud to have earned a reputation as an IP leader, not just a “player”. Much of our work has fostered advances in the Asian IP marketplace. We’ve been instrumental in connecting Asian research institutions with commercial partners to bring their technologies to the marketplace. As the only global IP Company with Asian headquarters, Transpacific IP is strategically positioned to be the first to see and make the most of IP opportunities between eastern and western companies. We’ve facilitated hundreds of deals between such organizations, and we always have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening, so we can help our clients capitalize across markets, industries and continents.

We have offices throughout Asia, a broad international presence, and over 100 full-time patent engineers, technical and market analysts, attorneys and business specialists. Plus another 100 technology and field-specific experts we can call upon to assist with various projects.

The advantage to you is an exceptional team that knows the ins and outs of local languages, culture, business practices and government regulations – expertise you can count on. The fastest growing IP market is here. Fortunately, so are we.