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Molly Metz is an inventor who has been involved in the sport of jump rope for over 35 years.  Her various offerings to the sport range from competitor, coach, innovator, and Founder/Owner of JumpNrope, and she has served on numerous jump rope boards both in the US and abroad.

Today Molly spends most of her time traveling the world visiting CrossFit Gyms conducting her unique jump rope seminars. She has visited over 600 different CrossFit Gyms across the world and conducted nearly 900 seminars. She uses her patented jump rope technology and line of jump ropes when educating athletes.

Molly also operates JumpNrope, a Jump Rope Manufacturing Company in Louisville, CO. She is proud of her USA MADE and USA sourced jump rope parts. All her ropes are hand made in Colorado and shipped worldwide.

Molly and her husband also own a CrossFit Gym. Molly has ranked in the top 500 fittest women in her age category for various years.

Recent Articles by Molly Metz

One Inventor’s Story and Hopes for Kathi Vidal

On Wednesday, May 25, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Director Kathi Vidal and a panel of academics from Silicon Valley participated in a 90-minute, live Q&A webinar regarding the state of the USPTO. I attended virtually. I am a five-time world jump rope champion and the only jump roper to design and patent a jump rope handle technology. I was granted my two patents (US 7,789,809 B2 and US 8,136.208 B2) in 2010/2012. I started my jump rope manufacturing business, JumpNrope, in 2010 here in Louisville, Colorado. I am proud to also say that I source all my jump rope parts and pieces from U.S. vendors. We make all our jump ropes by hand in Colorado. My technology not only changed the sport of jump rope by offering a precision speed jump rope handle, but it also changed the fitness industry. To date, hundreds of companies have infringed on my patent, including Rogue Fitness, the largest fitness distributor for CrossFit and Strongman. As detailed in my case, I believe that Rogue has willfully infringed on my patent since 2012 by selling tens of millions of dollars’ worth of infringing jump ropes per year.