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Josh Sloat

Executive Technology Advisor

Aurora Consulting

Josh Sloat serves as an Executive Technology Advisor with Aurora Consulting and provides consultation for patents in the software, information technology and telecommunications spaces. With over 15 years of engineering experience in mobile, web and desktop software and 20 years in the broader space of information technology, Josh brings a tremendous breadth of knowledge and insight to strategy development.

As CTO and head of product, Josh ran and transformed the entire product and tech arm of Axios. As the Senior Director of Mobile for Axios, Josh led new efforts in developing native reading and contributing tools for iOS and Android devices. Formerly, as a principal engineer with Articulate Global, Josh architected and lead the development of highly immersive, e-learning authoring tools for iOS and macOS. Previously, as a lead engineer with Thomson Reuters, Josh was responsible for the design and development of several award-winning mobile apps and played a significant role in the development of many industry-standard finance, tax and accounting-based Windows desktop applications. As a web developer with Version One and JCS Solutions, Josh helped to create, host and maintain several high-profile e-commerce sites. Prior to his focus on software, Josh held several positions with broadcast, utility and telecommunications companies that allowed him to dive deeply into network design and infrastructure, structured cabling and information technology operations.

Recent Articles by Josh Sloat

Patently Strategic Podcast: Patents and AI

For decades, conventional wisdom had most of us believing that automation and the inevitable rise of the machines would upend blue-collar industries first. But then AI had something to say about all of that. From passing medical licensing exams to writing code to even acing the Uniform Bar Examination, AI has become society’s latest (and perhaps most capable!) change agent in the professional workplace. At an astonishing pace, it’s erasing all assumptions as to what industries will be most impacted. With the most recent advancements centering around the understanding and generation of text and images – the core ingredients to patents – it’s becoming abundantly clear that patent practitioners and inventors are far from immune to AI’s effects and reach.

Patently Strategic Podcast: James Howard and the Black Inventors Hall of Fame

What would you have been without a role model? What would you have done had you not known your career path was even an option? The answers to these career and life-defining questions often come down to exposure, access, and whether or not we could picture ourselves doing something in the first place. I doubt there are many readers on here who are not regularly awe-inspired by the incredible work of the inventors we’re fortunate to know and serve. There are few nobler or more important professions. While we already know this and possibly take that knowledge for granted, our future depends on as many kids as possible – from as many backgrounds as possible – being inspired by, and personally identifying with, this world-shaping path. Our special guest in this month’s episode, James Howard, is taking on that challenge.