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Jiaqi Liang

Director of Software Communication & Electricity

Jiaquan IP Law

Mr. Jiaqi Liang joined Jiaquan IP Law in 2011, passed the Patent Agents Qualification Examination in 2013, and obtained the patent agent license in 2015.

Mr. Jiaqi Liang can provide various patent-related services, including patent application, patent planning, patent analysis, patent project mining, patent search, patent examination, patent defense, patent invalidation, patent litigation, patent consulting, patent training and post-grant procedures, such as infringement, invalidation defense, validity opinion and licensing.

With his many years of extensive patent prosecution experience, Mr. Jiaqi Liang helps clients obtain commercially valuable and enforceable patent rights. He helps clients analyze the prospects for the patentability and application of their technologies and, based on his professional and meticulous search to develop patent application strategy for clients to obtain the largest and most comprehensive scope of patent protection while effectively reducing the risk of patent applications.

Mr. Jiaqi Liang has been assigned as a high-tech consultant for several enterprises and institutions, providing high-tech guidance and tailor-made IP training for clients, providing professional patent project mining services for clients according to their actual situation and needs, guiding and assisting clients to complete high-tech development and related patent drafting, application and follow-up affairs, Mr. Jiaqi Liang has successfully worked for many enterprises’ R&D projects Mr. Jiaqi Liang has successfully mined and applied for a large number of patents for the R&D projects of many enterprises, saving the clients a lot of time and gaining wide acclaim from them.

As a senior design engineer in communication, internet and electronic circuit, Mr. Jiaqi Liang specializes in patent application in internet, electronic circuit, computer, communication network and other related fields. He also has extensive experience in handling other technologies in different fields such as semiconductors, LEDs, lighting fixtures, solar technology, elevators, batteries, smart systems, and consumer products.

Mr. Jiaqi Liang is familiar with the process of patent invalidation and patent infringement litigation, both for plaintiff prosecution and defendant response, and is also good at e-commerce rights defense and complaint complaint defense.

Mr. Jiaqi Liang specializes in patent search analysis and received a certificate of completion of the “Search Theory and Practice Module” issued by the Guangdong Center for Patent Examination and Collaboration of the State Intellectual Property Office in 2016. In 2018, he won the second prize of the 2nd China Patent Search Skills Competition.

Mr. Jiaqi Liang has served a wide variety of clients, including well-known domestic enterprises (Honda, Shanghai Denso, Vida, Desi, Yidu, Haihong, Jinzang, Jinshan), small and medium-sized enterprises, schools and institutions, and individual researchers.


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Recently, ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot program developed by OpenAI, has become a popular topic, attracting much attention and discussion. Its applications in the fields of natural language processing and text analysis have been well documented and have aroused great interest. It can be used to generate various language models, such as natural language texts, dialogues, and question-answering. It is currently one of the most advanced and efficient technologies in the language field. ChatGPT has a wide range of applications. In fields like medical, financial, legal, and media, ChatGPT can also be used to generate and analyze text data, thereby improving work efficiency and accuracy. Recently, the technology has even been used in the realm of intellectual property, with some having used it to draft patent applications.