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Jeffrey Ahdoot, Partner at Verlander LLP,  has extensive experience representing both patent owners and businesses in complex patent litigation matters before federal district courts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the International Trade Commission (ITC), and the Federal Circuit.

Mr. Ahdoot has litigated patent infringement cases involving a wide range of technologies, including mechanical devices, software applications, medical devices, business methods, electrical devices, digital display and image processing, pharmaceuticals, wireless networking systems, internet technology, GPS systems, and many other technologies. Mr. Ahdoot also has considerable trial experience, having represented patent owners in numerous jury trials in federal district court.

Prior to joining Verlander LLP, Mr. Ahdoot was Senior Litigation Counsel at Blackbird Technologies. In the role, Mr. Ahdoot was responsible for running multiple successful IP litigations. Prior to his work at Blackbird, Mr. Ahdoot worked in the patent litigation groups for several international law firms, including Goodwin Procter and Crowell & Moring. During this time, Mr. Ahdoot gained experience in all stages of litigation from initial investigations through trial and appeal.

More recently, Mr. Ahdoot helped secure multiple preliminary injunctions and an eight-figure jury verdict on patents concerning children’s toys. During post-trial, Mr. Ahdoot’s motions and arguments also resulted in a doubling of that award based on the defendant’s willful infringement. Mr. Ahdoot was also integral in successfully defending the validity of these patents from challenges before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Mr. Ahdoot graduated magna cum laude from Pierce Law. During law school, he was a judicial clerk extern to the Honorable Arthur J. Gajarsa, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, an intern at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with the Solicitor’s Office, and Senior Editor of IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review. Prior to entering the legal field, Mr. Ahdoot worked as a software engineering consultant for a large software company.

Mr. Ahdoot is a member of the District of Columbia bar.

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In addition to unrecoverable issues like divided infringement, it’s no secret that patents have come under increased scrutiny over the last decade. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) continues to invalidate patent claims at an alarming rate, defendants have ever-increasing invalidity and non-infringement arguments to make in district court, and the Supreme Court’s Alice decision on patent eligibility continues to baffle the entire patent community…. While the patent community debates the need for reform, an easy and attainable solution, and one that is within your control, is simply to strengthen the patents before they issue.

Design Patents 101: Understanding Utility Patents’ Lesser-Known Cousin

Design patents provide powerful protections both on their own and as a complement to their more well-known cousin, utility patents. The highly publicized Apple v. Samsung lawsuits of the previous decade featured both design and utility patents, and revitalized public awareness of design patents in general. In fact, it was infringement of the design patents that resulted in the large damages awards in those litigations, with three design patents resulting in an award of $533.3 million and two utility patents only $5.3 million. Beyond the likelihood of greater money damages, as compared to their utility patent counterparts design patents are also less expensive to obtain and hold, offer simpler determinations of infringement and validity, and are less susceptible to being invalidated (whether, e.g., for non-patent eligible subject matter or via a post-grant procedure). As such, design patents are more likely to survive, potentially resulting in substantial damages for the patent holder.