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Eli Mazour

Partner, Patent Prosecution Lead

Harrity & Harrity, LLP

Eli Mazour is a Partner with Harrity & Harrity LLP in Fairfax, Virginia, where he leads the firm’s patent prosecution team.  Eli’s practice focuses on helping large technology companies build valuable, high-quality patent portfolios in an efficient manner.  In this role, he develops and implements best practices for managing workflow and innovative, data-driven patent prosecution strategies for reaching favorable results at the USPTO.

Eli personally has experience preparing and prosecuting hundreds of patent applications related to computer software, Internet and e-commerce, telecommunications, networking devices, electronic consumer products, and medical devices.

Although Eli is known for being able to successfully reach agreements with USPTO patent examiners for clients’ most important patent applications, he is equally skilled at identifying and successfully utilizing alternative channels within the USPTO when that is not possible.  In one such instance, the PTAB recently ruled in favor of one the firm’s oldest clients after Eli argued in an Oral Hearing.

Eli also helps clients evaluate existing patent portfolios, identify strategic areas for patenting, and create processes for harvesting disclosures of patentable inventions.  In addition, he has been involved with licensing negotiations, patent infringement investigations, clearance of products (freedom to operate opinions), and patent litigation. As a result, he is keenly aware of the pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to grasp during patent prosecution.

Eli is also the creator and host of the Clause 8 podcast, which features interviews with the most interesting members of the IP community.  Due to Clause 8 and his previous track record, he is sought out by various technology companies, legal and business professionals, and media organizations for his insights on various patent policy developments, including legislative proposals and changes at the USPTO.

Recent Articles by Eli Mazour

Clause 8: UPC Judge Michael Fleuchaus and Dr. Benjamin Grau on Europe’s New Unified Patent Court

In this special two-part episode of Clause 8, Eli delves into the creation, implementation, and strategic importance of Europe’s new Unified Patent Court (UPC) with UPC Judge Michael Fleuchaus and Dr. Benjamin Grau. Since the 1970s, European policy makers have dreamed of a common European patent court. That dream finally became a reality last year, in June of 2023, with the formation of the UPC. Most observers predicted that it would not only become the central court for patent enforcement in Europe but also the go-to destination for enforcing patents worldwide.  Since its inception, prospective litigants have understandably wanted to learn as much as possible about how the UPC would operate in practice and whether the dream would match reality. Fortunately, Judge Fleuchaus – one of the early UPC appointees – and European patent attorney Dr. Grau joined Eli for this special two-part episode of the Clause 8 podcast to discuss the creation, implementation, and role of the UPC from the vantage point of its operation in the first year.

Clause 8: U.S. Chamber Resetting the Narrative on IP Rights in America

On this episode of the Clause 8 podcast, Patrick Kilbride and returning guest Brad Watts join Eli Mazour to talk about the U.S. Chamber’s new initiative, the current narrative on IP rights and the forces that shaped it, the themes of the IP Principles document, and what they hope to accomplish. They also discuss why the U.S. Chamber cares so much about IP issues, whether patents are underappreciated compared to other IP rights, and much more!

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