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David Jackrel, Ph.D.

Of counsel / President

Jackrel Consulting, Inc.

David Jackrel is Of counsel and President of Jackrel Consulting, Inc. He is a Patent Agent registered with the USPTO with extensive experience developing, defending, valuing, and monetizing IP, including prior art landscape analysis, application drafting, and prosecution. He has also worked closely with companies to develop IP strategies, analyze and value IP portfolios, market IP for sales and licensing, and as an expert witness in IP litigation.

David’s primary technical areas of expertise include Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.  He has done IP work with companies in a wide range of technologies including optoelectronic devices and systems, such as solar cells, LEDs and telecom systems, semiconductor materials, devices, and processing, nanotechnology, polymeric fibers and textiles materials, additive manufacturing, consumer electronics, and industrial gas processing.

Before entering the patent field, David was the Vice President of Research and Development at Nanosolar. In addition to managing the R&D department at Nanosolar, David also led the growth of Nanosolar’s IP portfolio, including developing U.S. and international patent strategies, managing inside and outside counsel, technical analysis for patent prosecution, and as the technical lead in IP litigation. David was also the Sr. Director of R&D for InVisage, developing quantum dot based light sensors.

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