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Carlo Cotrone

Chief IP Counsel & Assistant General Counsel

Techtronic Industries (TTI)

Carlo Cotrone is Chief IP Counsel & Assistant General Counsel at Techtronic Industries North America (TTI), a world leader in power tools, accessories, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, and floor care and cleaning. He also is Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Houston Law Center, and a frequent speaker and author on topics such as IP strategy and asset management, collaboration and innovation strategies for corporate legal departments and law firms, and leadership and professional development. Previously, Carlo served as Senior IP Counsel at General Electric and energy technology company Baker Hughes, and practiced law at firms on the East Coast and in the Midwest. He is the inventor of two United States patents directed to digital sheet music technology.

Recent Articles by Carlo Cotrone

Chief IP Counsel Tips for Building a High-Impact Team

For corporate intellectual property practitioners, the quest to excel can be daunting and all-consuming. Indeed, IP teams and their clients face a multitude of complex internal and external challenges amidst an ever-evolving business, legal, and technology landscape. Cognizant of the considerable trust and influence bestowed upon them by the C-suite, IP teams naturally desire to perform at the highest possible level. As chief IP counsel at a global company, I constantly put myself and my team under the proverbial microscope. I reflect upon our people, strategy, and operations; assess our individual and collective performance; and seek new ways to maximize the value we deliver to our company and internal clients. In some instances, such new ways entail minor course corrections. In other instances, they encompass the pursuit of novel pathways that upend the status quo.

Implementing IP Management Software (Part II): Best Practices for an Improved Implementation

As discussed in Part I of this series, the process of implementing IP management software (IPMS) poses many complexities and dangers. To ensure as successful an IPMS implementation as possible, companies and law firms should apply best practices early on. The earlier they begin taking these steps, and the more deeply they dig into the issues, the greater their chances of avoiding the most common implementation pitfalls.

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