At Ankura, we believe collaboration creates success. We invest in our people and culture and develop unique perspectives. Our clients trust our diverse teams with critical challenges and opportunities.

You will recognize the difference from the start. You will be exposed to all of the people at our firm that can help you. Our team of cross-industry, cross-disciplinary experts and advisors is right there with you – listening, learning, and charting your next steps to success. Our collaborative model is how we quickly adapt, innovate, shift paradigms, develop game-changing ideas, and deliver results.

Experts in motion. Advisors in action. Keeping you ahead.

Where industries, disciplines, technologies, and trends intersect and when transformational moments and events overlap – Ankura is there. We spring into action, putting our world-class expertise to work – developing and executing creative, end-to-end solutions, and providing the expertise and skills our clients need at critical moments. Integrating seamlessly across our firm, we bring every applicable resource to each challenge – supercharging our ability to protect, create, and recover value for our clients. By analyzing data and trends, navigating events, and delivering expert support, we provide a strategic anchor for our clients when they need it the most. Our multidisciplinary expertise comes together with efficiency and speed, allowing us to generate solutions in real-time.