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Ty Davis

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Ty Davis is a Patent Strategy Associate with Aurora Patents and a USPTO-registered patent practitioner with over six years of involvement in patent portfolio strategies. Ty has a real love for startups and holds a profound respect for their challenges and intricacies. Shaped by his startup experience as a product development engineer, managing member, and patent agent, Ty has developed a wide perspective and deep understanding of the mechanisms of innovations and their protection.

Ty grew up in the oil and gas fields of northwest New Mexico, on an active farm and ranch, where he still lives and works today. He is also the inventor of two issued patents and is actively pursuing several more. His down-to-earth disposition coupled with a technical background, gives him a unique insight into the world of patenting and genuine interest in the innovations of other inventors.

Ty has worked in the innovation-rich energy industry as a product development engineer developing an autonomous ignition system for oil and gas process equipment. This experience included electro-mechanical automation development, firmware development, and remote telemetry solutions. Additionally, he founded a start-up to develop Methane-emission reducing technologies and its related intellectual property.

Ty holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, in which he had the privilege of four semesters of designing systems for the rocket sled track of Holloman AFB (where the land-based speed record for a vehicle was set at Mach 8.5 or ~6500 MPH).

Recent Articles by Ty Davis

Patently Strategic Podcast: Claim Strategies

Claims are the fundamental building blocks of a patent. There simply is not a more important concept to grasp in all of patent strategy. As former Chief Justice of the Federal Circuit, Giles Rich, once famously said, “The name of the game is the claim.” And in terms of what game you’re playing, the claims are where you separate the patents playing checkers from the patents playing chess.

Patently Strategic Podcast: License to File

Foreign filing licenses – they’re surprisingly sneaky and easy to overlook, but can come with significant consequences if you do. Many countries, including the United States, require inventors to receive special permission to file with patent offices outside of the inventor’s …or invention’s… country. A foreign filing license is a government issued document that represents this permission for inventors and companies to file in foreign countries. Failing to receive this permission can come with serious ramifications including fines, patent revocation, and even imprisonment! Why so serious? Well, like with most matters of foreign export compliance, it comes down to each nation’s strong desire to protect its own security and economic interests. Allowing ideas to cross borders comes with the risk of the unauthorized exportation of technologies and sensitive information that could have implications for military applications, national security, and state secrets.