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Priggya Arora is an engineer turned IP lawyer, and the founder of PA Legal, an IP Law firm in India.
She has worked in the IP industry for nearly six years, and specializes in handling intellectual property matters related to the fields of software, electrical, mechanical, electronics, telecommunications, and robotics. She has been catering to domestic and foreign clientele from multidisciplinary industries by providing end-to-end services in the domain of Intellectual Property, from conceptualization and strategy building to grant, defense, enforcement and commercialization.
She’s also an avid promoter of IP-related information, and runs a video podcast (The Priggya Arora Show), a live discussion (The Innovator’s Corner), and an IP blog (IP Conversations) every week to let people know more about how IP works.

Recent Articles by Priggya Arora

What Vifor v. CCI Could Mean for the Intersection of Patent and Antitrust Laws in India

Patent laws and antitrust laws (known as competition laws or anti-competitive laws in other jurisdictions), may seem antithetical to each other at first glance. Antitrust law is concerned with ensuring the existence of a free and fair market by promoting fair competition practices and discouraging monopolies, which often stagnate business innovation. In contrast, patent law grants inventors a limited period of exclusivity in exchange for disclosing their invention- i.e., a monopoly of sorts. These opposing objectives may not, however, be quite as conflicting as they initially appear to be. Both of these laws aim to balance individual interests with the greater public interest. In the July 2022 case of Vifor International Ltd. v. CCI, we see this intersection of patent and competition laws in India. The case highlights how these laws can exist in tandem and provide relief to the aggrieved.