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Nikhil Marathe

Director of Intellectual Property


Nikhil Marathe is Director of Intellectual Property at AT&T, responsible for developing and implementing patent business strategies to maximize the value of AT&T’s Intellectual Property assets. Nikhil is also an inventor & innovation champion with over 40 Patents and co-founded the AT&T Innovation Network, an award-winning training, and awareness platform to promote involvement of employees in the innovation process. Prior to this role, Nikhil has led transformation initiatives in diverse roles in Engineering, Operations, Sales, and Consulting giving him an insight into the complete product lifecycle. Nikhil is on the Board of the United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA), an umbrella organization that brings together different parts of the innovation & IP ecosystems to drive change for the benefit of society. He is currently working with USIPA & WIPO to launch the Global Intellectual Property Alliance (launch in October 2022), to bring the successful model of the USIPA to a Global audience. Nikhil is passionate about STEM education and was previously on the board of the OASIS ERG, a non-profit organization of AT&T employees, where he led a STEM education initiative that won awards and has trained over 3000 students in the US in the past 9 years.

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