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Kristen Hansen

Patent Strategy Specialist

Aurora Consulting

Kristen Hansen is an Electrical Engineer and Patent Agent with Aurora Consulting and a USPTO-registered patent practitioner with over 15 years of experience focusing on developing U.S. and international patent portfolio strategies for individual, university, and corporate clients. Kristen has served as a technology specialist and a patent agent at a number of top tier law firms where she managed large patent portfolios in a wide variety of technology areas. She has also drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications for Fortune 100 clients in the areas of software, IoT, machine learning, consumer electronics, electronic circuits, optics, medical devices, wearable devices, virtual and augmented reality technologies, telecommunications, semiconductor devices, and business methods.

Kristen understands complex technologies. As a result, she can comfortably communicate with inventors at a detailed level and can disseminate technical details of such communications to non-technical audiences. Kristen uses her technical knowledge and legal training to develop patent portfolio strategies that are aligned with each client’s business objectives.

Recent Articles by Kristen Hansen

Patently Strategic Podcast: Claim Construction

Claim construction is a process in which courts attempt to interpret the meaning and scope of the claims of a patent. It’s effectively reconstructing what an inventor and their practitioner meant back when they drafted the patent application. While your patent might not be tested in a court for many years, understanding the sometimes-surprising language specifics and context traps while drafting now can help set you up for success later when defending your patent or attempting to stop an infringer. The words you choose now and the support you provide when drafting are your opportunity to help de-risk the process of courts and juries later interpreting what you meant. And oftentimes, claim construction can be the key factor in resolving disputes even before litigation, with the facts that come out of claim construction deciding the monetary value and payouts in settlements.

Patently Strategic Podcast: Patenting Games

The global video game market topped $183 billion in 2022 and is projected to exceed $300 billion by 2026. To put those numbers into perspective, this makes gaming bigger than the film and music industries combined – and dwarfs the combined revenue of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL! Worldwide board game sales, while significantly less, still account for over $2 billion. That’s a whole lotta IP in need of protection, so in this month’s episode of Patently Strategic, we’re talking games.