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Kristen Hansen

Patent Strategy Specialist

Aurora Consulting

Kristen Hansen is an Electrical Engineer and Patent Agent with Aurora Consulting and a USPTO-registered patent practitioner with over 15 years of experience focusing on developing U.S. and international patent portfolio strategies for individual, university, and corporate clients. Kristen has served as a technology specialist and a patent agent at a number of top tier law firms where she managed large patent portfolios in a wide variety of technology areas. She has also drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications for Fortune 100 clients in the areas of software, IoT, machine learning, consumer electronics, electronic circuits, optics, medical devices, wearable devices, virtual and augmented reality technologies, telecommunications, semiconductor devices, and business methods.

Kristen understands complex technologies. As a result, she can comfortably communicate with inventors at a detailed level and can disseminate technical details of such communications to non-technical audiences. Kristen uses her technical knowledge and legal training to develop patent portfolio strategies that are aligned with each client’s business objectives.

Recent Articles by Kristen Hansen

Patently Strategic Podcast: Open Source and Patent Rights

Use of free open-source code can be a massive accelerant when building complex software applications. Why reinvent wheels? And depending on resources and budget, sometimes it’s the only practical way. But like with most things, free often isn’t really free. The cost is just transferred somewhere else. When it comes to open source, these short-term savings can have significant long-term consequences for your intellectual property rights. For some licenses, if open-source is included and combined with other proprietary software, the combination of that software becomes bound by the open-source license terms. This viral, infectious attribute can have profound implications for code intended to be proprietary and protected. Consequences can include being required to release your code to the public domain as open source, automatic patent licenses for other users of the open source, and an inability to assert patent rights against infringers of your invention.

Patently Strategic Podcast: Into the Patentverse, Volume 2

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) intellectual property (IP) have been around for some time now, but how do they relate to the Metaverse? And how will VR and AR patent rights change as the Metaverse continues to evolve? The Patently Strategic Podcast will be exploring these topics in our next installment of Into the Patentverse.

Patently Strategic Podcast: Into the Patentverse

“Metaverse” is the buzziest of the buzzwords in tech and will soon be joining the ranks of “AI” and “ML” as requisite keywords in the next generation of pitch decks and patent applications. But what are the core components of the Metaverse? And what are their implications in the world of intellectual property? The Patently Strategic Podcast will be exploring this topic over the course of several upcoming episodes.