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Jason Rockman is a partner with Womble Bond Dickinson. Jason views intellectual property as a necessary and powerful asset for competing in the modern business world. He shows clients how to realize intellectual property value and delivers that value. Jason’s ground-up approach to intellectual property prioritizes maintaining a protective wall around innovations and understanding the risks and rewards of potential enforcement.

Jason’s practice focuses on patent litigation and risk analysis. He leads and oversees technical analysis and argumentation in patent infringement and trade secret litigation in US district courts and challenges before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board. His role routinely puts him in close collaboration with technical experts and client personnel on technical pleadings and deposition and trial preparation. Jason also works closely with clients to evaluate infringement risk and determine offensive and defensive strategies.

Jason complements his patent litigation and risk analysis practice with a strong background in patent preparation and prosecution. He understands how patent enforcement begins with strong patent drafting and strategic prosecution. He has drafted and prosecuted numerous patent applications including several patents asserted in litigation. Jason’s experience is especially strong in the oil and gas, furniture and furniture accessory, and medical device fields.

Recent Articles by Jason Rockman

Build a Consumer Base with Innovation; Protect Sales with Design Patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued its one millionth design patent on September 26, 2023. U.S. Patent No. D1,000,000 claims the ornamental design for a dispensing comb. This milestone comes during a particularly prolific period for design patents. In 2022 alone, the USPTO received more than 50,000 design patent applications. The Office has seen a 20% growth in design patent applications over the last five years. It is not hard to understand why inventors are seeking design patent protection at previously unseen levels. In an age of complicated technologies, design patents can protect marketable appearances of products in the same manner generally as trademarks identify source. Understanding design patent benefits underlying the recent growth in application numbers is a good lesson for businesses seeking to distinguish a brand—but keep an eye out for further developments and be prepared to adjust business and IP strategies.