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Andrew Rapacke

is a registered patent attorney and serves as Managing Partner at The Rapacke Law Group, a full service intellectual property law firm.
Andrew works with clients across a variety of industries to develop a strategic and effective approach for all their intellectual property matters. He assists individuals and top corporations with protection, prosecution, licensing, and enforcement of intellectual property rights and has extensive experience in patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution and litigation. Andrew also has experience in trademark opposition and cancellation procedures with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and post-grant proceedings with the Patent Trial and Appeals Board.

Recent Articles by Andrew Rapacke

Legal Recourse Options After An IP Infringement Take Down Notice

When infringement claims are legitimate, Take Downs can be a useful mechanism for getting counterfeit or infringing products taken off the online retail platform website. In turn, sellers protect their hard-earned consumer brand confidence. However, not every seller in the online realm plays fairly, and countless honest and legitimate sellers have found themselves in a position where their products have been removed from online platforms for alleged IP infringement and they do not know what they can do about their situation… If there is an urgency to get back into the online marketplace – for instance, in order to participate in the Holiday shopping season – disadvantaged online sellers who have had their products unfairly removed from an online retail platform through a Take Down Notice need legal recourse, and they need it quickly.

Costco v. Acushnet: Costco’s Preemptive Strike Sets Tone for Litigation

Tensions between Costco Wholesale Corporation (“Costco”) and Acushnet Holdings Corp. (“Acushnet”), maker of the Titleist golf ball, have risen since Costco escalated matters last Friday by filing suit seeking a declaratory judgment in an ongoing dispute between the corporate heavyweights. The most recent in the series of intensifying clashes is over Acushnet’s claims that Costco’s Kirkland Signature (“KS”) golf ball infringes on some eleven (11) Acushnet patents, and that Costco is engaged in false advertising holding the KS golf ball against the Titleist.