PLI Patent Bar Review Course

The philosophy behind PLI’s Patent Bar Review Course is, like so many of the best things in life, so obvious that it’s ingenious. They want you to pass the PTO Exam, so every element of the course is Exam-focused — from the structure, to the materials, to the lectures. The Course concentrates only on what you need to know to pass the Exam. You don’t need a distracting survey of patent law. What you need — and will find with PLI — is a combination of targeted resources that zero in quickly and confidently on the issues, problems, questions and strategies that will enable you to ace this major test. And you’ll find that same focus, and that quality and integrity, whether you take a live or home-study version of PLI’s Patent Bar Review.

Whether you order a live or homestudy course, you get the same great content:

  • A full set of the written materials.
  • Access to all lectures online.
  • Our interactive software, PatWare, which will take you through thousands of questions in a format that simulates the actual Exam.

To register for a live or home study course, call toll-free (888) 296-5973 or CLICK HERE.

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