Robert Figuly

Bob Figuly is the Global Director of Client Development at IP Simplified. Bob brings 20 years of legal service experience in technologies and processes to streamline all facets of legal workflow and information governance.
Prior to joining IP Simplified, Bob worked with numerous eDiscovery companies at various leadership levels. Bob’s vast experience with legal technologies and high exposure cases make him a valuable resource for his corporate and law firm clients. He has also consulted with leading technology companies regarding information governance best practices. Bob has been recognized in his field by being selected as one of 50 global Technology Leader and Visionary awardees.

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting Information Disclosure Statements

Preparing an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) can be stressful. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has very strict guidelines which must be followed precisely to avoid errors. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in additional costs and time spent in filing the Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). Often, errors are made due to changes in requirements made by the USPTO, failing to adhere to deadlines, and lack of providing adequate reference materials. While these mistakes can happen frequently, there are steps patent filers and intellectual property (IP) professionals can take to avoid errors. Below are some of the most common IDS-related mistakes made by patent filers and practitioners.