Martin Bijman

is Director, IP Products at TechInsights where he is responsible for ensuring customers find and receive the highest value products and services from the firm’s intellectual property business units. TechInsights patent and technology analysts reveal the innovation others can’t inside advanced technology products, proving patent value and enabling business and technology leaders to make fact-based IP and technology investment decisions. Prior to joining TechInsights, Mr. Bijman worked at Chipworks for more than 10 years.

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Creating Better Applications Through Patent Strengthening

Events along the prosecution process create multiple windows of opportunity for strengthening a portfolio. Decisions are based on indications of market adoption using evidence from specialized technical analysis and subject matter experts who examine products in the market that potentially use your teaching and proposed claims. There are four key factors to consider during the prosecution process that can identify strengthening opportunities

The IoT : A Look at the IP Landscape of Fitness Wearables

The fitness wearables market is driving millions of shipments per year in silicon and devices. By 2019, IDC predicts that the worldwide wearables market will grow to around 155.7 million units. In addition to driving revenues — the fitness wearables market alone is projected to reach nearly $30 billion US dollars in 2016 as noted. The patent licensing landscape for this market is on the verge of explosive growth, especially since many of the patents used in IoT technology are nearly 20 years old.