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The IPWatchdog Masters™ Series of Programs



3IPWooIPW HQ, Ashburn, VA 3
PTAB Masters™ Jan 31-Feb 1 PW HQ, Ashburn, VA PTAB 2023
Artificial Intelligence Masters™ Mar 7-8 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Artificial Intelligence 2023
International Trade Commission (ITC) Masters™ Apr 11-12 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA ITC 2023 Event Page 
Patent Litigation Masters™ May 16-17 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Patent Litigation 2023
Patent Prosecution & Portfolio Management Masters™ Jun 20-21 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Patent Prosecution 2023
IPWatchdog LIVE (Annual Meeting) Sep 17-19 Hyatt Regency Dulles, VA IPWatchdog LIVE 2023
Life Sciences Masters™ Oct 17-18 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Life Science 2023
Standard Essential Patents (SEP) Masters™ Nov 14-15 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Page Coming
Trademark Masters™ Dec 5-6 IPW HQ, Ashburn, VA Page Coming
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* The above schedule is subject to change