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NVIDIA’s Ansel Offers In-Game Photo Mode for Parkour Adventures Game

Ansel is currently only available for a parkour adventure game called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst sold on Origin. It is supported by PCs, provided the computer has an Nvidia card, and more games supporting Ansel are likely in the making. The company, best known for its graphics cards, announced the GTX 1080 earlier this year. This card has twice the frame buffer and a quarter more memory speed than its predecessor, the GTX 980. The memory interface with this card is 256-bit and it supports virtual reality (VR) platforms. This means that PC headset can be used for 360-degree pictures. Nvidia has also put out the GTX 1060, a more mid-priced item, but still packing a lot of punch. This model actually triples the frame buffer rate of its last model, the GTX 960. Its memory speed is only 2 gigabytes per second less than the GTX 1080, and the GTX 1060 is also compatible with PC headsets. At a price tag of $300 rather than $700 for the GTX 1080, it’s a good choice for low-end gaming platforms.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic owns three patents on location-based gaming

Within one week of the Pokemon Go July 6th release date, the digital monster catching game surpassed 10 million downloads, the fastest that this feat has ever been achieved by a mobile platform game… Niantic’s mobile-based gaming business is currently protected by a portfolio of 3 U.S. patents which are directed at what the company refers to as “location-based parallel reality games.”