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Dunkin’ Donuts sues coffee shop over “America Runs On Dunkin'”

Dunkin’ Donuts allegations center around a message displayed on windows at the Mike’s Coffee location: “North Now Runs On Mike’s”. Although Steve Copoulos, the owner of Mike’s Coffee, reportedly did not have Dunkin’ Donuts’ “America Runs On Dunkin’” slogan in mind when putting up the window display at Mike’s Coffee, a letter from Dunkin’ argued that the owner’s actions “are clearly designed to trade in on the goodwill and reputation associated with the America Runs on Dunkin’ trademark,” according to The Sun Chronicle.

Trademark Power: Not All Trademarks Are Created Equal

You have probably had circumstances when you have positively associated with a certain trademark.  Perhaps you were traveling and had the option to eat at one of several restaurants.  You might have preferred a sit-down meal, but you might have opted for McDonald’s or Burger King instead because you are familiar with what you will get, know it is going…