PLI Press Issues New Edition of Essential Treatise on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting

NEW YORK, Nov 1, 2023 – PLI Press, the publishing division of Practising Law Institute (PLI), is committed to providing readers with the highest quality analysis and practical guidance, while keeping them ever current with the latest legal developments.

PLI Press publishes over 100 treatises, practice guides, books on lawyering skills, yearbooks, answer books, and journals each year — all written and updated by leading practitioners in their respective practice areas and managed by PLI’s experienced in-house legal editors.

PLI Press is pleased to announce the publication of Faber & Kowalski on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting, Eighth Edition. Authored by Thomas J. Kowalski, this lucid, time-saving handbook spotlights proven claim drafting practices and techniques that have been firmly established by patent authorities and custom. The latest edition appears at an opportune time, as more patent applications are being rejected because of claim drafting flaws rather than due to problems with the inventions themselves.

Highlights include:

  • Start-to-finish directions for each type of claim — apparatus or machine, method or process, composition of matter, article of manufacture, and biotechnology
  • Practical issues involved in amending filed claims, claiming numerical ranges and amounts, and disclosing in a specification several alternatives of elements or embodiments of the invention
  • Guidance on how to review claims to eliminate errors and superfluous language
  • Numerous tips on how to avoid common claim drafting mistakes

Providing full coverage of U.S. Supreme Court and other court decisions critical to claim drafting, Faber & Kowalski on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting is an indispensable guide for patent specialists and other intellectual property attorneys, corporate counsel, patent agents, patent officials, and inventors.

To learn more and order your copy of Faber & Kowalski on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting, please visit PLI’s website.

About Practising Law Institute (PLI):

Founded in 1933, Practising Law Institute is a nonprofit learning organization dedicated to keeping attorneys and other professionals at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. PLI provides accredited, continuing legal and professional education programs delivered by more than 4,000 volunteer faculty, including top experts across practice areas. Additionally, PLI publishes a comprehensive library of treatises, course handbooks, answer books, and journals, also available through the PLI PLUS online platform and app. The essence of PLI’s mission is a commitment to the pro bono community. Based in New York, PLI also has an office and Conference Center in San Francisco. Visit to learn more.


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