PatSeer Announces the Launch of a New AI-driven Semantic Search Built on a Custom-Trained GPT Model

With this new capability, PatSeer revolutionizes the patent research domain by bridging the gap between Boolean and AI-based systems.

Pune, India, June 6, 2023: PatSeer is excited to announce a completely new and rebuilt semantic search powered by an advanced GPT-driven language model. The new semantic search replaces its older Natural Language search capabilities in the product. By custom-training the underlying LLM model to understand patent semantics, PatSeer new AI search brings a huge leap in result accuracy and precision based on tests run across various fields of science.

Patent Professionals are no longer confined to contextuality limitations of Boolean searches and can capitalize on PatSeer’s AI capabilities for comprehensive searches. As a platform that’s used by thousands of IP searchers on a daily basis, PatSeer’s complex Boolean search functionality will continue to remain crucial for certain IP projects. However now, with the integration of the new semantic search, PatSeer is offering the best of both worlds, eliminating the need for two separate systems.

Further, with a true Boolean&AI integration, you get unique capabilities that neither can provide independently. For example, you can initiate a semantic search and narrow the results iteratively with Boolean searches and vice versa. You can also semantically re-rank your Boolean results using a paragraph or a relevant patent. The system also suggests related records to your existing results based on the underlying language models contextual understanding. For transparency purposes, you can view the closest matching snippets from full text to understand why a record scored higher in your results.

The new semantic search is also immediately available as an API for integration into your internal systems.

“In the many conversations with patent professionals, I’ve been told that Boolean and AI-based patent systems will always be separate tools and I could never accept that, “remarked Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer at PatSeer. “Today, I’m excited to debunk that notion. PatSeer is the first to offer a seamless fusion of transformative AI-driven search within a professional patent search database. The days of maintaining access to two separate solutions or paying by the query are over.

At PatSeer our commitment to harnessing the power of Deep Learning AI to tackle greater challenges remains stronger than ever. Following the launch of our AI-Classifier last year, the advent of our new Semantic Search marks another significant milestone in this journey. We are quite excited with the possibilities here and the road ahead.”

About PatSeer:

PatSeer is an AI-driven SaaS platform for IP Research and Intelligence. With thousands of daily active users, PatSeer is the go-to IP strategy platform of choice for innovative corporations, law firms, service providers, research institutes and even technology start-ups across 38 countries. At PatSeer, we leverage the latest advancements in AI and NLP, to make it easy for you to get actionable answers from the masses of patent data.

Media Contact: Suparna Patel, Marketing Manager: [email protected]


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