Leo Patent Law Office reminds the IP community of World Stray Animals Day on April 4th

The dogs sponsored by Leo Patent Law Office.

Amsterdam, April 2, 2024: Leo Patent Law Office is to remind the IP community of the significance of World Stray Animals Day, observed annually on April 4th. As advocates for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, Leo Patent Law Office recognizes the importance of raising awareness about the plight of stray animals worldwide.

In addition to raising awareness, Leo Patent Law Office has taken a more concrete step to support the cause. The firm is pleased to announce that it has sponsored the care and treatment of two abused stray dogs.

On this day, Leo Patent Law Office encourages individuals and organizations to take action in support of stray animals by promoting adoption, spaying and neutering programs, and advocating for humane treatment.

For more information, please visit Leo Patent Law Office’s website.



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