Kili Technology Launches davinci Patent AI Copilot Which Helps Attorneys Draft Better Patents & Office Action Answers in Half the Time

French American AI Automation Company Aims to Revolutionize Intellectual Property Law With This Highly Secure and Performant Technology Solution

New York, NY, January 25, 2024: Today, successful startup Kili Technology Inc. officially launched davinci, a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology tool which drafts patents and office action answers in a fraction of the time that manual methods require.

Patent descriptions and office action answers have always been laborious and time-consuming, often requiring IP lawyers to spend dozens of hours drafting them. Pressure from corporate clients to work faster and smarter has made IP law firms place a new emphasis on technology automation. Enter davinci – the most highly performant and secure Patent AI copilot available.

How davinci Works

For patent drafting, davinci ingests text and drawings such as claims written by the attorney, the invention disclosure, conversation(s) with the inventor, and prior arts to generate a robust, detailed patent and drawing description that fits the required style. IP lawyers can then edit davinci’s draft based on their preferences.

For responding to office actions, davinci processes both the patent application and prior art cited by the examiner. The software evaluates the strength of the arguments and makes a recommendation to the attorney whether to counter them or refine the claims accordingly.

The davinci tool allows IP law firms to deliver better patent and office action answers dramatically and more efficiently with lower operational risk. Early adopters of davinci, a hand-picked group of top 100 IP law firms in North America and Europe, have reported major time savings of up to 50% with its assistance. davinci frees up IP lawyers’ time to focus on more substantial legal work and better-quality patents.

“AI-assisted drafting promises to assist patent professionals by removing some of the lower added value time spent drafting parts of a patent application. The ability to feed a set of claims, drawings, and background material into davinci and receive a fleshed-out specification is a significant time saver. This will enable patent professionals to spend more time with their clients to understand their business. In turn, a better understanding of a client’s business results in more focused applications, and a more effective overall IP strategy.  Quality of the output is an essential component of a successful AI-assisted drafting tool.” – Louis-Pierre Gravelle, IP Expert and Partner at Bereskin & Parr.

davinci is a Microsoft Azure partner and operates on Azure’s cloud infrastructure, which is universally trusted by law firms. Highly secure, davinci adheres to the most demanding security requirements including SOC II Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, as well as GDPR data privacy requirements. Highly confidential, davinci has a Zero Data Retention API, does not use clients’ data for training purposes, and adheres to a strict data segregation policy.

“We named davinci after enduring icon Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest inventor of all time in the realms of creativity, science and technology, to show our tremendous respect for the invention process and intellectual property,” remarked François-Xavier (FX) Leduc, co-founder and CEO of Kili Technology. “The davinci patent generation and prosecution software tool is a symbol of innovation, ingenuity, multidisciplinary thinking, and visionary foresight, which we believe Leonardo would have leveraged if he were alive today. It is time for IP to be revolutionized by data-driven AI tools like davinci, which are assertively driving the rapid pace of technology forward to meet the industry’s rising demands for technology collaboration.”


davinci is currently inviting law firms in North America and Europe to join the davinci waitlist to deploy the technology, which is by invitation only for the next several months.

davinci will be demonstrating its Patent AI Copilot and meeting with law firms and media at ALM’s Legalweek New York 2024 conference from January 29 – February 1 at the New York Hilton Midtown (booth#1224).

For more information about davinci or to apply to join the waitlist, visit or email contact thoma[email protected].

About Kili Technology Inc.

Kili Technology began in 2018 when co-founder and CTO Edouard d’Archimbaud worked at BNP Paribas and built one of Europe’s most advanced AI Labs. François-Xavier (FX) Leduc, Kili Technology’s co-founder and CEO, knew how to take a powerful insight and build a company around it. While all the AI hype was on the models, Edouard and FX focused on helping people understand data.

For 5 years Kili Technology has built AI products for SAP, Airbus, and Allen Institute for AI, delivering 99,9% availability to tens of thousands of users worldwide. Kili Technology has consistently exceeded security standards, accumulating a unique experience in scaling what makes AI reliable – the data it uses. Kili Technology is well-funded, having raised $30M from Serena, Headline and Balderton.

Today, Kili Technology continues its journey, enabling businesses around the world to build trustworthy AI with high-quality data. Kili Technology has North American headquarters in New York City and European headquarters in Paris, France. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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