IPlytics Webinar – FRAND – A matter of transparency and valuation


FRAND determination can be a complex and challenging process riddled with technicalities that can make or break a deal, yielding long and often complex discussions, and in some cases, even litigation. It heavily relies on reaching a conclusion as to how much a particular SEP portfolio is worth and how each party valuates it. Yet somehow, two parties – the licensor and the licensee – need to find a way to align on how to valuate portfolios of thousands or tens of thousands of SEPs covering multiple generations of wireless technology.

The general lack of transparency about how a given SEP portfolio (numerator) relates to the overall number of SEPs (denominator) for a given standard makes it difficult to understand if a license offer is FRAND. Moreover, it is challenging to determine the value a patented standardized technology creates for the component or the final product. With increasing complexities – for example, licensing SEPs in new industry verticals outside of the smartphone world – FRAND determination becomes a challenging task. This IPlytics webinar discusses the matter of transparency and valuation of SEPs in a panel of industry experts. The esteemed panel for this discussion is as below:

Kent Baker, ublox
Benno Buehler, Charles River Associates
Evelina Kurgonaite, Fair Standards Alliance
David Lowenstein, Pearl Cohen

Moderated by Tim Pohlmann, CEO IPlytics

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 10th, 2022 at 11am ET / 8am PT.  Save your spot and register here.


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