Harrity & Harrity, LLP Ascends to 27th on the Top Patent Firms List, Showcasing Unprecedented Growth

Washington, D.C.: Harrity & Harrity, LLP has marked a significant milestone in its journey towards excellence in patent law, securing the 27th spot on the esteemed Top Patent Firms List, an annual ranking of the leading firms obtaining US utility patents each year. This remarkable ascent is not only a testament to the firm’s unwavering dedication to innovation and quality but also highlights the exceptional growth trajectory it has maintained over the past five years in the highly competitive patent legal landscape.

From its 87th rank with 306 patents in 2018 to its current standing, Harrity & Harrity has not only advanced in rank year after year but has also more than quadrupled its patent output. In 2023 alone, the firm outperformed its previous year’s achievement by almost 60%, securing 1458 patents compared to 923 in 2022. This remarkable upward momentum is reflective of Harrity & Harrity’s robust strategic focus and the high-caliber proficiency of its team.

Harrity & Harrity’s progression in the rankings is particularly impressive given its focus on primarily domestic work in the electrical, mechanical, software, and business methods patent spaces— areas that exclude the life sciences spaces and the high volume of foreign-originated work that many of its competitors handle. In fact, when you consider strictly electrical, mechanical, software, and business methods patent work, Harrity jumps to the 19th spot on the Top Patent Firms List. Furthermore, Harrity achieved its 2023 number with a comparably small team of 40 professionals, while the majority of other firms in the Top 30 have well into the hundreds.

This data-driven success narrative exemplifies the firm’s “small firm, big impact” philosophy, illustrating how a concentrated team can deliver exceptional results that rival and even surpass those of much larger firms. Harrity & Harrity’s rise in the rankings is a testament to their strategic problem-solving approach, and a clear indicator that the firm is achieving the seemingly impossible through diligence, innovation, and a commitment to quality.

Harrity & Harrity’s unique story is one of a forward-thinking firm that thrives on real-world applications of advanced patent analytics and automation technologies, setting a new standard for what a specialized patent practice can accomplish.

For more insights into Harrity & Harrity’s remarkable growth and to explore their contributions to the patent field, please contact Samantha Sullivan and we would be happy to set up an interview with one of our partners.

About Harrity & Harrity:

Harrity & Harrity is a forward-thinking patent law firm in the Washington, D.C. area, specializing in electrical and mechanical technologies. Known for its innovative approach to patent law, the firm is committed to increasing diversity in the patent field and to giving back through its various charitable initiatives. For more information, please visit www.harrityllp.com.


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