Gridlogics announces New Seamless Patent Qualitative Insights and Comprehensive SEP Database


With integrated PatSeer 360 scoring and analytics modules, intellectual property analysts can now deliver insights across the innovation lifecycle, from ideation to monetization

Pune, India –September 9, 2020: Gridlogics a leading IP solutions provider,today announced two offerings for the IP community -the launch of PatSeer Pro X which brings a host of statistically calculated qualitative fields and specialized charts into the existing analysis dashboards in PatSeer Pro,and the availability of expanded Standard Essential Patents Database collection. With users in more than 35 countries, the PatSeer platform brings together all the tools necessary for IP teams to deliver high quality researched output and experiences to end-users.

PatSeer Pro X integrates unique scoring metrics at both the patent family level and the patent portfolio level to allow for seamless qualitative assessments of the patents held by a company or against a technology. PatSeer takes a holistic view of scoring a patent family by assessing its competitive, market, legal and technology potential across four scores –Citation, Market, Legal and Intrinsic Quality. All the four scores are normalized as per the family age and field of invention. The 360°Quality score combines these scores in a single metric and patents ranking higher on 360° Quality tend to have a higher probability of being used for assertion, licensing, or litigation, in a company’s IP strategy.

The expanded SEP collection is a result of inhouse curation of the SEP declarations across more than 30 different standard setting organizations. The collection is actively kept updated and includes the latest patent declarations in rapidly evolving fields such as IoT, 3GPP/LTE, Wi-Fi, video/audio encoding, wireless power,and others. The collection currently includes more than 400K declared patents across 4K+ standards and is rapidly being enhanced.

With the new comprehensive SEP collection, PatSeer now includes a range of reliable data points that are needed for making the right business decisions. This includes one of the most comprehensive global patent collections, normalized company names with accurate patent ownership, NPE database, legal status and assignments information and worldwide litigation and opposition information.

“IP analysts have always appreciated the range of analytical tools and flexibility in PatSeer Pro. The combination of the new scoring data points across the various search, filter, analysis,and charting options help them deliver a range of insights across IP management, portfolio optimization, licensing and monetization strategies” said Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer at Gridlogics.

“With over 100 feature enhancements and at least eight new releases each year, Gridlogics is highly focused on rapidly innovating to meet the demands of its growing user base.The new enhancements and content are in line with our vision to provide the best intellectual property tools for the innovation economy.”

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About Gridlogics

Gridlogics is a leading provider of products and custom solutions for patent research, management, data analysis, and project management. With a fast-growing user base and more than 5000+ active users across 35 countries, PatSeer is becoming a go to solution for corporations, law firms, service providers and even technology start-ups. PatSeer leverages the latest techniques in information retrieval, data mining and visualizations to help clients globally in deriving actionable intelligence from the masses of patent data.

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