The 14th Annual KIPO-WIPO-KAIST-KIPA Advanced International Certificate Course Held in Seoul

The Korea Invention Promotion Association held the expert training course on intellectual property, inviting 39 participants from 24 countries. These young leaders gathered in Seoul to learn about Korea’s intellectual property management strategies.

The Korea Invention Promotion Association held the annual KIPO-WIPO-KAIST-KIPA Advanced International Certification Course (AICC) on Intellectual Property successfully in Seoul from November 6 to 9 in collaboration with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The AICC course, which is being run for the 14th time this year (‘10~), is a course that provides in-depth education on intellectual property management strategies for intellectual property experts in developing countries. A total of 13,095 people from 173 countries have taken the course so far.

This year, 39 people from 24 countries were selected out of 923 people from 111 countries to take the online portion of the course, which included the course entitled IP Panorama 2.0*. These selected participants took the face-to-face offline AICC course for the first time in three years since COVID-19.

This course consists of subjects related to the effective use of intellectual property in terms of corporate management, such as intellectual property valuation and finance, the latest intellectual property trends, intellectual property usage rights (licensing) strategies, and innovation management. It includes not only theoretical education but also case studies. The focus is on cultivating practical skills throughout the course.

When the intellectual property usage rights (licensing) strategies topic is covered, the participants are divided into teams so they can hold realistic mock negotiations and evaluate the results of their negotiations to strengthen their overall communication ability.

Famous domestic and foreign intellectual property experts, including Professor Clinton Francis (Northwestern Law School, USA), Attorney Tana Pistorius (South Africa), and Professor Gwangjun Kim (KAIST Graduate School of Future Studies), participated as lecturers this year.

Kim Woonsun, the Vice President of the Korea Invention Promotion Association said, “Through this four-day training course, we expect all participants had the chance to experience the latest trends in intellectual property rights and improve their practical business skills related to intellectual property.”

* E-learning content jointly developed by KIPO, WIPO, and KIPA, consists of 8 modules and 37 detailed modules designed to help students learn about intellectual property strategies from a business perspective.

For more information please contact:
KIPA, Department of International Cooperation, Bryce Olk, AICC Administrator, Phone: 02-3459-2780
KIPA, Department of International Cooperation, Park Hee Sung, Manager, Phone: 02-3459-2781


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