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Terrence A. Oved

is Managing Partner of the New York City based boutique law firm, Oved & Oved LLP, which concentrates its practice in Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Corporate Law. For more information or contact Mr. Oved please see his firm bio page.

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American business likely to benefit from greater protection for trade secrets

Where an ex parte order is unavailable under the DTSA, complainants may still seek injunctive relief. However, unlike the UTSA, which also offers injunctive relief, the DTSA includes language providing that an injunction is improper and not issuable if it: (1) prevents a person from entering into an employment relationship, or if conditions placed on employment are not supported by evidence of threatened misappropriation, or (2) otherwise conflicts with an applicable state law prohibiting restraints on the practice of a lawful profession, trade, or business.