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Stephen Shaw

is an anti-counterfeiting and brand protection litigator with Womble Carlylewho loves chasing knock-offs for strategic business effects. His experience includes litigation of major intellectual property issues in a breadth of domains, including anti-counterfeiting as well as copyright, trademark and patent disputes. Stephen has experience with clearance and counseling related to a variety of IP protection methods, and he often assists rights holders in tailoring their IP regimes to the most efficient effect against infringers. His tax and transactional background has been put to use in a wide range of IP transactions, including development of patent portfolios, technology transfer, licensing arrangements, due diligence, and strategic alliances.

Recent Articles by Stephen Shaw

Knock-Offs Beware: SCOTUS Makes a Fashion Forward Decision

The ruling has wide implications for both the fashion apparel and home furnishings industry, both of which rely on distinctive, eye-catching designs to sell products. The upshot for clothing and furniture companies is that the Varsity Brands ruling gives product manufacturers an additional tool to combat knock-off designs. With that in mind, manufacturers should review their product line to ensure their copyright-eligible products are protected under this new standard.