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Paul Lerner

is a founder of Drawbridge IP, where he consults on patent portfolio management, valuation, and monetization. Prior to founding Drawbridge IP, Paul led patent licensing and monetization teams at Wi-LAN Inc. and General Patent Corporation. Paul also led the intellectual property law departments at several multinational corporations, where he managed patent portfolios and defended against patent assertions.

In addition to being a registered patent attorney, Paul holds an MBA from Loyola University.

Recent Articles by Paul Lerner

Portfolio Management: A Reassessment May Be In Order

For hoarders, once an item comes into their possession, such individuals develop an unreasonable emotional attachment to it. As these possessions, many of which are viewed by others as worthless, continue to accumulate, they become both a health and safety hazard to the hoarders and those about them until some concerned party, typically a family member or a governmental authority, intervenes. Much the same problem is found in some managers of patent portfolios.