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Lucy Chen is IP Counsel with Jiaquan IP Law and has been with the firm since 2017. As an counsel in the International Department, her practice focuses primarily on patent prosecution, IP transaction & portfolio management, due diligence, agreement drafting, IP online enforcement, etc.. Also, Lucy is familiar with trademark prosecution such as pre-filing search, registration application, opposition, invalidation, cancellation, etc. She is especially adept in mapping out overall protection plans for her clients to better protect their intellectual property rights via both administrative and judicial approaches in China. Before joining Jiaquan, she was a Medical Science Liaison in one of the world’s premier bio-pharmaceutical companies

Recent Articles by Lucy Chen

Understanding ‘NNN’ Agreements in China

An “NNN” agreement is short for Non-Disclosure/Non-Use/Non-Circumvention agreement, which means the information cannot be shared with anyone, it cannot be used in any way, and “behind-the-back” or design around tactics are forbidden. In recent years, signing NNN agreements has become widely adopted and is now the standard initial step in dealings with Chinese companies, particularly original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). An NNN Agreement is much more than just a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA focuses narrowly on preventing secret information from being revealed to a third party or to the public, which is not sufficient for OEMs in China. In contrast, an NNN agreement not only contains confidentiality provisions, but also prevents misuse of confidential information.