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Kevin Boully, Ph.D. is a Senior Litigation Consultant with Persuasion Strategies. He has been active in litigation consulting since 2001. His master’s degree in forensic psychology and doctorate in legal communication focus on persuasion, small group influence, and jury decision making. Dr. Boully has analyzed and advised on a full range of cases from complex commercial matters to products liability to highly contentious patent cases, and more. Dr. Boully is the coauthor of a book on persuasion in intellectual property litigation entitled Patently Persuasive, published by the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property. Dr. Boully is a current Board Member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and a past Associate Editor and advisor to the jury research and courtroom communication publication, The Jury Expert. He has published and presented on litigation and legal persuasion topics across the United States.

Recent Articles by Kevin Boully

How Public Opinion Polls Expand the Conversation on GSK v. Teva and Skinny Labeling

The Federal Circuit’s recent majority opinion and Chief Judge Prost’s dissenting opinion in the GlaxoSmithKline LLC v. Teva Pharmaceuticals “skinny labeling” case has raised eyebrows and piqued interest beyond the usual circles. The decision’s result is a lower bar for finding induced infringement—a win for brand-name companies. While the jury found infringement against Teva’s skinny labeled carvedilol, a congestive heart failure drug, we could not help but wonder if the American public sees the issue more like the majority Federal Circuit opinion or more like the dissenting opinion of Chief Judge Prost? How do Americans view “skinny labeling,” and how might those opinions intersect with future findings of the evolving law? Will jurors see the stronger position of brand companies as something to uphold or does the consumer benefit of generics foster a different preference? We discuss the legal perspectives and national surveys on skinny labeling and patent protections to expand the conversation.