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Jeremy T. Elman is a partner at Duane Morris, with a focus on intellectual property and technology-related commercial disputes. He regularly represents the world’s leading technology companies and brands. Jeremy has practiced for over a decade each in Silicon Valley and in Miami, allowing him a unique perspective both in the courtroom and in advising clients. Now residing in the Firm’s Silicon Valley office, he is known for his deep factual expertise and passionate advocacy, and is a leading authority on emerging technology patents, trade secrets, open source and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Jeremy has tried cases in a number of federal district courts, the International Trade Commission, the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and has argued before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jeremy has received numerous accolades, including achieving the highest score on the Florida bar exam, the “Most Effective Lawyer in IP”, a “Top 20 Cyber Lawyer”, and multiple awards for his pro bono work for environmental causes and for indigent workers.

Recent Articles by Jeremy T. Elman

Looking Back: IP at the ITC in 2023

The intellectual property regime of the International Trade Commission (ITC) made mainstream news this year with its ban on Apple Watch importation and sales in the dispute between Masimo Corporation and Apple. While that dispute is ongoing and the subject of much coverage already, here are five other key IP cases with a variety of important rulings for parties at the ITC—particularly some outside of the typically patent-centric docket.

AI and Trade Secrets: A Winning Combination

Generative AI (“Gen AI”) is everywhere, with all sorts of promises about how it can help the world. Let’s say a company has created new confidential methods for cancer treatments, but they are not really effective. They ask a Gen AI to come up with a cure for cancer using these new methods.  The gen-AI (using the billions of words and images available to it beyond human comprehension) conceives of the cure, and it works, saving many lives. [Note: Generative AI (“Gen AI”) as used herein will refer to deep-learning models that can generate high-quality text, images or other content based on the billions of pieces of data they were trained on].