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Jen Wallace

Principal Owner

Denver Geeks

Through her company, The Denver Geeks, Jen serves Seniors and residential clients, helping them to feel more confident and empowered with their own personal technology. Simplifying technology for Seniors and “non-technical people” is Jen’s profession and her passion. In her uniquely personable and patient style, Jen explains and demonstrates technical things plainly and simply, meeting her clients at their own personal level of needs and understanding.

Through her other company, Denver IT, Jen provides full service IT consulting, tech support, computer repair, and web development to entrepreneurs and small businesses. An insatiable technology learner, Jen’s 30 years of acquired knowledge and working experience, in combination with her tenacity and efficiency in technology problem solving, make Jen a rare and indispensable resource for her professional clients.

Recent Articles by Jen Wallace

Patent Thieves Should Not Be Special: We Need to Level the Playing Field to Curb ‘Efficient’ Infringement

Just over the mountain of Patent Eligibility Reform awaits The Thiefdom of Efficient Infringers. No other intellectual property criminal enjoys the legal immunities and protections that the patent thief enjoys. Other intellectual property criminals – the copyright infringers, the trademark infringers, and the trade secret thieves – all are subject to both civil and criminal liability, just like every other common criminal. But not the patent thieves. This one type of intellectual property criminal gets favored treatment and special protections under the law. Why is this?