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Edmund J. Walsh

is the co-chair of the Post-Grant Proceedings Group at the intellectual property law firm Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, or to contact Mr. Walsh, please visit his firm profile page.

Recent Articles by Edmund J. Walsh

Brexit and IP Rights: No significant changes in the short term

As is being widely reported in the general press, the UK has voted to exit the European Union. There are many questions about what this decision means to the global economy, but for the intellectual property systems at least, we see no significant changes in the short term.

Cuozzo: The Case That Wasn’t

AIA trials have been sought over 5,000 times to challenge patents and are widely used to resolve patent disputes. Many patent owners complained that these proceedings were unfairly tilted in favor of those challenging patents. Cuozzo sought Supreme Court review of two such practices that it felt went too far and were inappropriate given the language and intent of the AIA. However, the Court sided with the PTAB on both issues, leaving the AIA trial process, as practitioners have come to know it over the last four years, intact.