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Clémence Aladjidi

IP/IT Lawyer


Clémence Aladjidi has been working at Advant Altana law firm since January 2022. After a fourth grade in business law (at University Paris 2) and a master’s degree in industrial property (at University Paris 8), her activity focuses on intellectual property, information technology and data protection law.


Recent Articles by Clémence Aladjidi

#IPconsiderations for Protecting Hashtags as Trademarks

With its widespread use on social networks, mainly on Twitter, the hashtag has become a real communication tool. As a result, there have been a number of trademark registrations with the “#” symbol in the last few years. The question remains, however, as to whether using a third-party trademark with the “#” sign can be considered trademark use and is therefore likely to be infringing the trademark owner’s rights. The Oxford dictionary defines the hashtag as “a word or phrase with the symbol ‘#’ in front of it, used on social media websites and apps so that you can search for all messages with the same subject”.